Acute Services

The following table provides a guide to median costs per day/per encounter for services provided to Medicare ineligible patients.  Please note that this is a guide only, and that fees charges to Medicare ineligible patients are to be determined by individual health services.

Patient Classification

Estimated Median cost for 2019-20

Estimated range for 2018/19 (the department expects that cost for 50% of patients will fall within the range)

Accommodation charge – fee per day

Same day – Single Room




Same day – Shared Room




Overnight- Single Room




Overnight – Shared Room




IDHS provides a diverse and comprehensive range of services including acute inpatient, accident and emergency services, residential services for the frail aged and disabled as well as community-based services.

To find out more or to register for a service contact Reception on (03) 5431 7000 and ask for the area you are interested in.


In compliance with the Safe Patient Care Act (Nurse to Patient Ratios) Amendment Act 2019, IDHS roster nurses according to the below table: 

Name of Mixed Ward 


Acute/ High Care Aged (Nursing Home)

Total Number of occupied beds in the mixed ward

23(8 Acute and 15 High Care Aged Beds)

The different ratios that apply in:  IDHS is a Level 4 Hospital


Acute Ward

Morning Shift: 1:6 plus in charge

Afternoon Shift 1: 7

Night Shift 1: 10


High Care Aged (Nursing Home)

Morning Shift: 1:7

Afternoon Shift: 1:8

Night Shift: 1:15


The expected number of occupied beds in each portion of the ward in the next 6 months is: 23 beds 8 Acute and 15 High Care Aged Beds


Medical Services

Urgent Care
Acute Services
Visiting Allied Health Services


Transition Care Program (TCP)

The Transition Care Program provides short-term support for older people following an admission to hospital.  The program is aimed at providing the older person with more time and support to get well after a hospital admission to return to home or into a residential aged care facility.  The Transition Care Coordinator will work with the client, family and other health professionals in supporting your choice in achieving your goals.