Organisation Mission and Values


Excellence in Health Care now and the future



Providing Quality Health Services, supporting and enhancing community wellbeing




Caring: Sensitive and responsive care

Honesty: Open, truthful and trustworthy in all matters

Equity: Fair and impartial decision

Respect: Display respect, dignity and courtesy

Integrity: Ethical, confidential and accountable

Safety & Quality: In pursuit of excellence

Harmony: Harmonious and Happy workplace and living environment


 We encourage and assist our clients to achieve life-long health and wellbeing.

 We respect each individual’s rights, needs and choices including the right to refuse

 We provide equality of access to services.

 We support the broad definition of health which includes meeting social, emotional,

physical, cultural and spiritual needs through a multi-disciplinary approach.

 We seek to achieve quality health outcomes.

 We provide a safe and supportive environment for staff and others.

 We encourage the personal and professional development of staff.

 We encourage participation by all members of the community in planning, implementing

and evaluating service delivery.

 We facilitate partnerships with other service providers.

 We support and encourage a culture of Continuous Improvement across the organisation.